My Profile & Gallery

Eric Tan

Member of

(Formerly known as SBG HCMC)

Founding Member (1992)

Charter Secretary (1992-1994)

Vice President (2000/2001)

Honorary Member (2019 +)

(1992 – Lifetime Membership)

Practising Management Consultant (PMC)

Enterprise Singapore recognised

(2017 – 2026)


(2017 – 2020)


Certified Practising Management Consultant (PMC)

Director | Senior Consultant

SBACC Practising Management Consultant (PMC)

License No: 10710 (2017-2019 | 2020 – 2022 | 2023 – 2026)

A matured Enterprise Singapore-recognised, SBACC-certified business Advisor & Consultant who has been working in Vietnam, also covering Cambodia since 1991, for more than 30 years with MNCs and Vietnam GLC in business development, marketing & management positions providing expertise to companies wishing to enter and penetrate into Vietnam and Cambodia Markets.

Founding and Charter Member of Singapore Business Group (SBG) HCMC Chapter from 1992.

Founding Member and served as Charter Secretary 1992/93, Vice President 2000/2001 (Received Award from Singapore International Foundation for contribution and was presented by Ex Singapore President His Excellency S.R. Nathan during his visit to Ho Chi Minh City in 2001 ) & Honorary Member 2019 and had been actively giving advice and guidance to many foreign investors, especially to Singapore companies entering or have a presence in Vietnam and participated in organized trade missions from Singapore.

Invitation to present at Can Tho City, Vietnam on 22 May 2018 Conference – “CAN THO SMART CITY 2016 – 2025”, presenting with Enterprise Singapore (VN) to the Can Tho People’s Committee, government departments & local SMEs of Can Tho City attending the conference.

Major companies that worked in and contributed – starting up, developing, and growing their business from 1991 to 2021 in Vietnam & Cambodia were:

Country Business Development Manager
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
1991 to 1995

Brown Forman Corporation
Rep Office
Chief Representative
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
1995 to 1997

TTI (Singapore Technology Automotive JV)
Business Development Manager
( Vietnam)
1998 to 1999)

Mobil VN
Country Distribution Partnership Manager
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
1998 to 2000

Business Development & Marketing Manager
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
2000 to 2005

Rentokil Initial VN
General Manager
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
2005 to 2007

Tack International
Business Development Manager & Associate Trainer
2007 to 2009

Vietnam Post & Telecommunication – EMS
Country Adviser – Business Development & Marketing
2009 to 2011

Oakley Distribution Channel
(Vietnam & Cambodia)
2011 to 2013

Trustlink Law Firm
Development Director, ASEAN Markets  
2014 to Current
V3 Smart Technologies  Chief Representative / Country Manager (Vietnam
2018 to 2019
MarkettLink Asia Pte Ltd Senior Consultant | Director
2012 to present

Enterprise Singapore Projects PMC assisting SME for MRA, GCP, EDG (2015 to present)

Business & Management Advisory & Consultancy / Practicing Managing Consultant (PMC) from 2015.

Assisting Local Vietnamese, Foreign & Singapore SMEs for Market Assessment, Overseas Business Partner Matching, Market Entry Strategy, Overseas Market Presence, Overseas Company Setup, Strategy (with/without grant) / Business Development Planning for Training, Franchising, Licensing, Distribution, etc under IE S’pore & Enterprise Singapore (ESG) for MRA, GCP, EDG Grants for industries in Jewelry, Academy, Unified Communications, Consumers Electronics, Food & Beverages, Insurance, Engineering, Technology, Education, Enrichment, Franchising, Air management, & more…….

Jointly organized Restaurant Association of S’pore (RAS) Members Mission Trip and Business Partner meetup session in HCM with FLA & ESG support and joint participation.