I value ACUTE fruit Tropical Blast to give me the jolt I need to get through the busy workday!

ACUTE is a very flavorful drink that can make me forget that I’m consuming an energy drink. ACUTE is comprised of a nice blend of orange and apple juice concentrates. I like that it is non-carbonated: the taste and texture is much closer to a bona fide fruit juice than a soft drink, which can sometimes leave me feeling bloated.

ACUTE gets its energizing effect from Guarana, Yerba Mate extract and caffeine (listed in order from most to least). In my opinion, that is the right way to go about it. Guarana is known to be the gentlest stimulant; caffeine is the strongest; and Yerba Mate somewhere in between. The end result is that I get energized; but not jittery.

I highly recommend ACUTE Tropical Blast to everyone!