We are constantly bringing new ventures and collaborations into foreign, culturally differentiated borders with MarkettLink’s ‘Value Chain Preposition’®, at the quickest & most cost-effective solutions.

Core Specialities:

º Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) – Enterprise Singapore
º Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) – Enterprise Singapore

Your ONE-STOP A-Z Solution Provider for expanding your Distribution & Franchise Business into Vietnam

(With or without Enterprise S’pore Financial Support)

Certified by Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council – SBACC / Singapore PMC Certification (SPMCC)

Consultation and Advisory

  • Project Management – 5 Stages
  • Business: Setup | Planning | Development | Diversification | Restructuring
  • Ventures & Collaboration Consultation – New Market Entry
  • Franchising Programs:Development | Representation | Partner Matching | Management
  • Localized Branding (Import) • International Presence (Export)

Market Specialty:     (Strategic Planning & Management)

  • Company | Brand | Product -To-Market
  • Distribution | Franchising | Representation

Global Expansion

º Ventures & Collaboration Consultation.
º Localised Branding (Import). Branding / Marketing
º International Presence (Export) – Franchising/Distribution

Company Incorporation/Business Services:
(Setting up Representative Office, 100% Foreign-Owned, Joint Ventures…)
Legal Consultancy (Vietnam)
Company secretarial services
Overseas investment consultation

º Singapore.
º Vietnam.
º Cambodia

Others provide options….We provide SUCCESS!