Our Vision

             ” MarkettLink will spearhead to Revolutionise how businesses function across borders by catapulting these businesses into making significant contributions to the market they are present or intend to penetrate.
            MarkettLink with the evolving mindset of Business Success in ‘Markets of Presence’ – leading with Passion in People Development to enable Business Bridge across Cultural Differences.
           MarkettLink’s Vision is to be the trusted partner for SMEs who want to grow their business locally and  internationally through Digital Transformation with Process Redesign, enabling them to improve their performance, efficiency, and competitiveness with our comprehensive and customized  solutions that cater to their specific needs and goals.”

Markettlink is a company that provides consultancy and support services for SMEs who want to expand their business in global markets, especially in Vietnam. Markettlink helps SMEs with market research, readiness assessment, business matching, marketing, and grant applications.

SME digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to improve SMEs’ performance, efficiency, and competitiveness. Digital transformation can help SMEs overcome the challenges and limitations of their size, such as accessing new markets, customers, and suppliers, reducing operational costs, enhancing innovation, and increasing productivity.

Process redesign is one of the aspects of digital transformation that involves rethinking and improving the way SMEs carry out their core business processes, such as production, distribution, customer service, and management. Process redesign can help SMEs streamline their workflows, eliminate waste, optimize resources, and increase quality and customer satisfaction.