Singapore Small and Medium Enterprise Journey with Practising Management Consultant’s (PMC’s) assistance and guide for Entering Vietnam Market with Enterprise Singapore Financial Support – Market Readiness Assistance.

Singapore Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face many challenges in expanding their businesses overseas,

especially in emerging markets like Vietnam. They need to understand the local culture, regulations, consumer

preferences, and competitive landscape. To help them overcome these barriers, Enterprise Singapore offers the

Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant, which provides up to 70% of eligible costs for overseas market

set-up, identification of business partners, and overseas market promotion.

One of the key components of the MRA grant is the engagement of a Practising Management Consultant (PMC),

who is a certified professional with relevant experience and expertise in the target market. A PMC can assist

SMEs in conducting market research, developing market entry strategies, finding suitable partners, and

facilitating business negotiations. A PMC can also provide ongoing support and guidance to SMEs throughout

their overseas expansion journey.

By working with a PMC, SMEs can benefit from the following advantages:

– Save time and resources by leveraging on the PMC’s network and knowledge of the local market

– Reduce risks and uncertainties by getting reliable and objective advice from the PMC

– Enhance their competitiveness and credibility by adopting best practices and standards from the PMC

– Access new opportunities and markets by tapping on the PMC’s connections and insights

To apply for the MRA grant and engage a PMC, SMEs can visit the Enterprise Singapore website or contact their

nearest Enterprise Singapore office for more information.

Contact PMC direct –

WhatsApp / Zalo +65 98552739 / +84 903808282

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